Paul (ninjamonkeyspy) wrote in matrix_fans,

Trapped in his own Matrix

Rolling Stone is running a fascinating article on the Wachowski brothers, exploiting what little is known about their personal lives, mainly Larry's, in an attempt to explain the industry's disappointment over their two-part sequel to The Matrix.

Prurience, reclusion, and maybe a touch of neurosis. Different strokes for different fokes, I guess. And yet, as one anonymous industry insider attests, "they'd be hired tomorrow by anybody."

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Definitely interesting, and it seems to offer a possible explanation for a lack of proper thought (in my opinion) going into the Matrix sequels.
Not everyone believes that the sequels were bad. I loved them. They didn't have to get into Larry's personal business to figure out why a lot of people didn't like them. A lot of people didn't like them because they just didn't. Simple as that.

Why did they only focus on Larry, anyway? What about Andy?
I figure it's bullshit anyway. They've got, what, one source? Plus the entire story of Larry being a transsexual was pretty much debunked already when some guy copped to the fact that he made it up because of Larry taking his girlfriend years ago.

I think a much better explanation for why so many people didn't like the sequels is available in the philosopher commentary tracks on the DVDs - simply put, they made black-and-white concepts too gray, made things too complex and basically turned people off by making the machines not flat-out evil and the humans not flat-out good.
the industry's disappointment over their two-part sequel to The Matrix???

what was there to be dissapointed about?