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The Matrix

In my opinion, the last movie is the best one. In fact, here is my preference ranking:

The 3rd movie
The 1st movie
The 2nd movie

I didn't really get into the 2nd movie. Somethin' about it seemed a little off. Anyone agree?

I own all 3 movie though, because I like to have trilogies and all that completed. You know, have all of the movies.
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Awwwww, I hope your date forgave you. What did you not like, by the way?
My ranking is the exact reverse of yours. :)
Awwww, darn... lol. :D
Your ranking is the same as my father's. I don't get Reloaded either, though I like the first one slightly better than the third because it's more... complete, whereas Revolutions kind of just starts in the middle of nowhere - well, not nowhere, but considering that I fell asleep during Reloaded, it took time for me to figure out what was happening any way.
Nice to know I'm not the only one. :)
Sorry kids, I loved them all, but I do think the first one was probably the best and more complete. :D
Cool. By the way, where can I find some more pics to upload on here? All of my friends have all these great userpics and I just have this one.
PS. I do think the ending sucked on the 3rd one though. I am a romantic and didn't like seeing my heroes die.
I know. I hated it when they died, but the reason I like 3 the best is because everything is back to normal at the end. :)
I like them 1, 3 and then 2. While I liked 2, the high way scene always seems a bit too long for me.

I personally DIG the original - nothing in my book can't beat those wonderful retro Agents. Give me Agent Brown chasing Trinity across a roof top any DAY!! sooo wants to be Trinity

So how come you like 3? Why is that one the best to you? Come on, share!

*hates when Lj is being ass*
It's the best one because even though Neo and Trinity both die, order is restored in that crazy world. :)


11 years ago

See, I liked the first and second about equally. Neither was better than the other, and they both had their flaws. (Well, the first one had far fewer flaws, but the second had much more action.)

The third one.......

I liked it, but there were a LOT of things I would have changed about it.

A. 75% of the Zion dock battle - Gone. A lot of it was to focus on characters that had been introduced in the previous movie, and because we haven't really had any time to get attached to these characters like we did those from the original, I don't really give a rat's ass about them. So why would I care if they lived or died at this point?

B. In the first and second movies, Morpheus is portrayed as the fatherly leader who is wise and determined. In the third, he kind of takes a back seat role to Niobe, Neo, and Trinity. He even tends to make mistakes, which isn't something he's known for doing. It's ok to show characters like him as being more human, but it should be done in private, and not in the middle of a furious chase scene.

C. I'd have the Oracle do a little more explaining and a little less "answer your question with you already know the answer" bullshit she did here. If you're going to do that, then the guy asking the question had to at least explain the answer, or even hint at what he thinks it might be. Not at least hinting just makes the answer seem very abitrary, like the Ws decided "Hey, we ran out of ideas, let's plug up the hole we've written ourselves into with this."

D. Sunset - Gone! The entire trilogy has been about people going kung fu on security guards and taking out a malevolent forceof sentient machines bent on enslaving the human race. And it ends with a damn sunset. Lame. After the Architect walks away and Sati says she made the sunset for Neo, then it would cut to a sort of epilogue (as opposed to just a still picture of the sunset, where they set the stage for what is to come afterwards, likely done by Morpheus. Something to the effect of "The fighting may be over, but the war is still here, just in a different form."

E. Shorten up the Trinity death scene. I remember when I was watching it for the first time, at first I said "Oh no!" And then that "Oh no" slowly changed into a "Just hurry up and finish already." Death scenes should be short and sweet, not drawn out like this one.

There are some other things, but those are the main points. I think a lot of people hated the third movie because it didn't fufill their expectations. The end of Reloaded was a cliff hanger and had everyone theorizing what was going on (me and my buddy were on board the Matrix in a Matrix theory, personally), and then the third one came around and none of them were right. Everyone just said "That's it? Lame."
2nd, 1st, 3rd

i thought the 3rd movie just had a really week story line.
I really can't rank one movie above the others. For me, they all flow together to form an agora of stunning visual effects, captivating storylines, and philosophical/religious allegory.

Sure, there are a few holes in the plot. Actually, more than a few. But I personally choose to look past some of the imperfections and enjoy the movies for what they are worth.
best wishes from Smith, hehe
the second one wasn't as good, but the secont one's never as good. Second films in a trilogy are always "set-up" films. As in they set up all of the information needed for the third one...

However I believe that ALL of the films are on about equal standing and the second is only worse by a smidgin.
hmm its soo hard to tell, but after a lot of thinkin i must say im not very into the third one. I love and ADORE the first, i love the second and im very much into and like very much the third! lol! ^^