Starry (lost_cosmos) wrote in matrix_fans,

Ok so I went back in the community and read a bit of the posts about the Oracle but tonight while I was watching Revolutions I got this lightbulb moment when Agent Smith realizes things with Neo...

He starts rammering on like he is the Oracle. Perhaps he is just having residual programming glitches or something from when he assimilated her. So it makes me Smith the Oracle in that body by that point and the end of the war/end of the Matrix was to get rid of the Oracle?

Thats one thing....

Another realization I had was that as Trinity was dying she said that she always believed. At the very end of the movie, when the Oracle returns- her program fully restored- she reiterates the same message. Could that mean that Trinity and the Oracle were the same person? I find that less likely with the Agent Smith situation though but the coincidences are there too.

Another thing....

We all know that the Matrix is a program. Thats well and good. We know of the key players; "evil" and major- The Architect, Oracle, Agent Smith and Neo. They have their secondary players alongside them with their machines. Now we only assume that the Architect is what he is because the Oracle insists he is and vice versa really. Who is to say that the Oracle isn't exactly the same as the Architect if not one IN the same...recall how Agent Smith comes through the Matrix into the real world? Perhaps that is what the Architect is the Oracle in the real world. When he saw that Neo was becoming too learned in the Matrix and causing too much chaos in the world, he decided to infect Agent Smith; Neo's enemy, knowing that he would fight him to the end. In order to take out the chaos and end the "war", the Architext also had to infect the Oracle- his other half- to have all the unbalanced portions of the program come together in one moment and cancel one another out.

Well what do you guys think?
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